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Liero Level Competition Center Liero Level Competition Center

Previous Competions

June, 21 The Second Competition

The second level competition went a bit smoother than the first one, not unexpected of course. Tim was distibutor and it proved to be more efficient with distibutor. To talk about the competitors themselves, there were 13 that got through to the final day. The final winner was.. Aapnormaal (Tim Verweij), he won 10 points ahead of Gliptic.
The second competition was diffrent from the first. Better organization, better rules. This time the levels were judged in three categories. Design, Playability and Looks. This proved to be a good way to compete instead of one simple "best" category.
Renton wrote the rules.

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April, 01 The First Competition

The first competition was sort of a test competition to test how the whole concept would work out. The result was very good compared to the expectations.

Rammstein came up with the idea. It came on the LieroNet Forum (here). First to take intrest was Ulvhockey. Ulvhockey and Rammstein discusses eventual rules and organization matters. Ideas... Spug offers to be a judge and later on, Tim Verweij, Slask and Beeee joins the discussion. A bit later, Turbo9000 - a known level maker, Darkangel and Renton Ziegler, an even more known level maker joins the discussion. All but Spug decides to participate in the competition.

Rules are made up, mostly by Ulvhocky. A very simple rule system. Renton tries to convince Ulvhockey of a diffrent rule system but he fails. Instead Renton is promised to make up the rules for the next competition all by himself.

The whole thing got rolling. The information mails was for some reason not sent to Turbo9000 but he explained that he most likely had been unable to compete anyway. Levels were made, sent and jugded. As expected some were unable to hold the deadlines, but since we are all friends, really big exeptions were made. The levels were to be made, and almost everyone made one. The competition might have lost one competitor there. Guessing Slask was lost there. After that it was the sending of levels. There we lost Rammstein himself. He seemed to have a problem with his e-mail and thought he had sent the level, but in reality, his e-mail had been unable to send it out. We almost lost Renton as well. One day late he was generally accepted anyway.

Then came the judgings, problems to get all judgings sent in... not a big problem but is annoying.

The final winner was Beeee with his Nfactory.

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