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Liero Level Competition Center Liero Level Competition Center



The rules are:

  1. You must make a brand new level from scratch. You cannot use an existing level in any form. You level has to be previously unpublished. Only you and the other contenders may see it until the competition is over. It also must be all your own work.

  2. The contenders are the judges. After you complete your level, send it to the designated organizer by the set date and the day after, you will be sent a zip file with all the levels in the competition for you to judge. Thus everyone sees all the other levels at the same time. Along with the zip file you will be sent a table to fill in for your judgment. If you fail to send in a working level by the due date, you will not participate in the judging.

  3. You do not judge your own level, simply arrange the levels in the table so that the best level in each of the three categories is at the top and the worst is at the bottom. The three categories are as follows: Design (how well the level design has been thought out), Playability (how involving a game on the level is, against a friend and the A.I.) and Looks (how pretty the level is).

  4. When you are done judging the other levels in the competition and have filled in the provided table, send it back to the organizer within a week of receiving the levels. The organizer does not participate in the competition. This person might change from competition to competition (Current Collector).

  5. After the judgments have all been collected, the levels will gain points according to what ranking they have on each table. If there are ten levels in the competition, the level ranked best in each of the three categories would receive 10 points while the lowest ranking level would receive 1 point. When the points have been awarded, four winners will be announced on this site. The winner of the 'looks' class is the level with the most points from the 'looks' judgment section of the table and so forth with the other two classes. The overall winner will be the level with the most accumulated points over all three areas.

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