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Liero Weapons Competition Center Liero Weapons Competition Center

List of occupations

The executive is the central person in the organization. His job is to make the competition work. Make sure everyone sends the right things to the others and answer any questions asked about the competition. He also recieves the signups for the next competition.
  • Current executive
  • nvgm1
  • Previous executives
  • Beeee (First competition)

    The collectors job demands a bit more secure handling than others. The collector handles the judgings sent in from the competitors. He will need to keep good track of all the numbers and there is no room for mistakes.
  • Current collector
  • nvgm1
  • Previous collectors
  • Durandal (First competition)

    The distributor has one of the easier jobs. His job is to recieve all the complete weapons and then pass them on to the other competitors, all at once. This job was created so that all weapons will reach all competitors at the same time.
  • Current distributor
  • nvgm1
  • Previous distributors
  • Durandal

    Rules Executive
    Beeing rules executive means he sets the rules for the competition. He needs to be precise and not complicated in the descripon of the rules. This is a job that can have a new person for every competition. The rules for the level competition can easily be changed, just not during a competition.
  • Current rules executive
  • nvgm1
  • Previous rules executive
  • Beeee

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