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Welcome the official Weapons Competition site. The weapon competition is sort of an offspring to the already established Level Competition. Idea came from Beeee who won the first Level Competition. A lot of people got hooked on the idea, so a space for site has been granted by the Level Competition site to hold the site.

There are no data on how a competition like this will work out, so its gonna be exiting to see what happens.


July 13, 2001
OK, the rankings are in... and the winner is... Abyssal squid. Thankyou to everyone who actually participated.


July 5, 2001
Beee has given me access to the site, so ill try to keep it updated. For all those who dont know, the competition has basically ended with only 5 people sending in their packs. Ranking are due in ASAP, send them to me at If you were signed up, but didnt know when to send them in, its too late, so just hold over your packs until the next comp.


June 8, 2001
Competitors and occupations updated.


May 29, 2001
The signup form was directo to Beeee, but the mailform didnt allow adresses with _ in it, so, now the go to Ulvhockey again. Trying to work it out.


May 19, 2001
The real rules for the competition are up. Go to "Basic Rules" to check.

-Ulvhockey & Beeee

May 17, 2001
Site created from the Level competition code.


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