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Liero Level Competition Center Liero Level Competition Center

Current Competition

The second level competition is finished!!

Finally the second competition is finished. And the winner is!!!


Tim won a 10 point margin victory in the second level competition with his level Egypt. Second was Gliptic with Planet X and Abyssal Squid with his Fallout came in third.

The stats have been stored in the previous stats page already. Lookin at categories. The winners were:

1st Abyssal Squid - Fallout,
2nd Gliptic - Planet X,
3rd Aapnormaal - Egypt

1st Aapnormaal - Egypt,
2nd Abyssal Squid - Fallout,
3rd Gliptic - Planet X

1st Aapnormaal - Egypt,
2nd Gliptic - Planet X,
3rd Abyssal Squid - Fallout

Occupations for this competition

  • Collector - Spug
  • Executive - Ulvhockey
  • Distributor - Tim
  • Rules executive - Renton

  • History
    May 20 2001
    The competition is finished!

    June 13 2001
    Spug gets all the judgings.

    May 29 2001
    Tim sent out the levels

    May 27 2001
    All level were sent in to Tim, at least some. 13 was the final number of levels.

    May 13 2001
    The competition is launched 100%. Only a few adjustments to the original plan. Istead of a sign up deadline, anyone can join as long as he can send in a level before the levels-sent-in deadline.

    May 10 2001
    Soon there will be many enough to start the competition. We'll try to make a small campaign to promote the existence of the competition. Soon dates will be set, such as deadlines etc.

    May 9 2001
    The site has been up for a few days now. All we need now is to gather more competitors. No dates are set yet.

    Occupations set:
  • Collector - Spug
  • Executive - Ulvhockey
  • Distributor - Tim
  • Rules executive - Renton
  • Competitors below

    April 24-26 2001
    We start planning for a new competition. With better organization and more competitors. Alos a new judging plan. This is gonna be set up by Renton Ziegler. Ulvhockey will remain as executive for this competition as well. Tim will probably handle the file transfers. Durandal offers to help with the organizing.

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