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Welcome the official Level Competition site. The Level Competition is simply a competition were some Liero fans make a Liero level, and send in. Read Basic Rules for more info on how it happens. If you think maybe you want to test how good you are in making Liero levels, feel free to sign up right now. Free of charge and free of pain. If you make a good level the chances are good that you could win. If there is a competition going at the time you sign up, you will be signed up for the next competition. Read current competition for dates etc.



Aug 25, 2001
The Level competition is on hold. Blakkie signs off.


June 23, 2001
June 24, 2001
Renton joined.


June 23, 2001
The level competition is now moving on to the third competition. Currently we have 21 signed up and my guess is that the number will increase.

There have been changes of the Occupations since the second competition. There will be some small changes of the rules to get rid of misstakes like Temple2.

BTW Congratulatons Tim for your victory with Egypt.
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